“It is an honor to have Sherry Zak Morris as a teacher in our 55-hour Be Well Yoga For Cancer Recovery training program. Not only does she bring her Chair Yoga expertise to our students, she also adds her contagious energy to her module. If you’re looking for a top-notch Chair Yoga Training, you need not look any further, Sherry Zak Morris is your gal.”

Heidi Borsch, CEO and Mary Baker, CFO

Be Well Therapy, Inc.

Sherry Zak Morris is a visionary in the field of Chair Yoga. She beautifully marries her extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology with an infectious enthusiasm and creativity. She brings the perfect balance of science based wisdom, somatic exploration and a rare heartfelt joy to her teaching. Our IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training program wouldn’t be complete without her joyful workshop. She’s a true visionary!
Monique Lonner

Director, Soul Yoga Therapy

“What I love about all that you do is that you validate what we do as chair, gentle and senior yogis. Even if we cannot stand on our heads or balance on our arms, we are no less yogis. What you have done to promote our style of teaching and practicing is amazing. Thank you!”


Gentle Yoga Teacher

“I really enjoy your videos on YouTube. Apart from doing the exercises, the knowledge you give is amazing and I learn a lot. I teach seated exercise to seniors. Thank you for sharing your classes and knowledge I haven’t found anything as good as your classes here in the UK.


UK Yoga Teacher

“Sherry’s enthusiasm, positive energy, combined with her industry experience and knowledge led me to create a higher standard product as a result of the direct advice and mentorship I received from her. I felt like someone finally GOT ME on all levels!”


Active Yoga DVD Teacher

“I have been attending Sherry’s Chair Yoga classes twice a week for 7 years. I will be 75 in April and I feel extra energy, happiness and a positive attitude. Sherry is a ray of sunshine!”


Retired RN

“I had the pleasure of attending a Workshop with Sherry in DC. What a powerhouse, filled with knowledge, humor and a joyful way of imparting her know-how.”


Yoga Alliance Conference Attendee

“I am so grateful and delighted to receive your email newsletters. Your frequent updates, videos and ideas add zest and depth to the classes that I teach.”


Assisted Living Yoga Teacher