About Sherry Zak Morris

Where It All Began

Sherry Zak Morris and Mary Cavanaugh met at the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California. Sherry was attending her first Gentle Yoga class taught by the then 79-year-old Mary. They quickly formed a strong friendship and partnership. It led to the creation of a brand of Yoga for the 50+ Demographic and people with movement limitations. In 2003, they co-founded Yoga Journey Productions (YogaJP). Together, they produced the first of thousands of Yoga videos to help people age with grace, strength and flexibility.

The Legacy of Mary Cavanaugh

Wanting to make a little extra money in her retirement years, Octogenarian Mary Cavanaugh pioneered YogaJP’s first video production project. Little did Mary know that she would eventually be known as the Creator of Chair Yoga. YogaJP’s flagship Gentle Yoga for Seniors Video Series achieved worldwide exposure to tens of thousands of seniors and physically challenged individuals. The positive reviews by the Yoga Journal magazine, the premiere Yoga magazine at the time, catapulted YogaJP onto the Yoga stage. Although Mary passed away in 2005, her work continues on through her videos and through Sherry’s work that she inspired.

Aging Well with Yoga

After 25 years in the high-tech industry, Sherry Zak Morris felt the ravages of stress on her body and her spirit. Therefore, she turned to Yoga for healing and recovery. Then, a final corporate lay-off in 2005 prompted her to make a big change her life. That was when she purchased the Yoga Vista Studio and transformed it into a highly-respected, globally-recognized brand for Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga. Years later, Sherry’s passion for Yoga and Aging led her to become a Certified Yoga Therapist. Today, her videos offer Yoga classes that are therapeutic, engaging and accessible. Sherry’s mission is to help others gain back their health and stamina just like she did! Due to her dedication to Yoga, Sherry is a living testament that Aging Well with Yoga truly works!

Bringing Yoga to a Worldwide Audience via Streaming Videos

YogaJP’s videos became very popular because mainstream Yoga at the time did not address people with physical challenges. The success of the Gentle Yoga Video Series provided an opportunity to expand into a broader audience. In 2011, the YogaJP YouTube Channel was launched and continues to expand exponentially around the world. In 2015, Sherry unveiled her innovative Chair Yoga Dances that have gained worldwide followers. She incorporates Yoga movements with popular songs of all genres to create an atmosphere of joy and fun for anyone who participates. Today, Sherry’s Yoga classes and Chair Yoga Dances are viewed and enjoyed by millions around the globe who never thought they could ever do Yoga!

Aging Well with Yoga – YogaVista.TV’s Video Library is for Everyone!

YogaVista.TV contains Sherry’s consolidated Life Work along with other teachers specifically trained in Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga. The YogaVista.TV streaming video library contains hundreds of Yoga Videos, Educational lectures and health-related articles. Join us if you want to feel forever young in mind, body and spirit!

Sherry with Tatis Cervantes-Aiken

Tatis’ Spanish Yoga class “Yoga en Silla” was the first video to achieve ONE Million Views on the YogaJP YouTube Channel!



Meet Sherry Zak Morris, Founder of Yoga Vista! 

The New Era of Yoga and Aging

Seniors are always looking for ways to improve their immune systems, as well as increase their strength and flexibility. Interestingly, the current trend shows an increasing demand for Yoga online as more seniors are staying close to home. Yoga Vista is here to fill that need. Through various channels, Yoga Vista continues to educate and motivate those who seek better ways to manage their health as they age.

In order to advance the mission of bringing good health to all, Sherry co-founded Yoga Vista Academy, an online learning institute. For Yoga Teachers, the “light bearers” of hope and healing, Sherry offers Online Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Programs. There are also many Online Workshops for anyone interested in a variety of special topics and for continuing education. Furthermore, Sherry works with wellness leaders and visionary companies to help guide people towards increased energy and improved health.

Come join us on the Journey to Good Health, Vitality and Healing!