sherry zak morris chair yoga dance

Chair Yoga Dances – How They Began

I was going through a rough patch in my life with a lot of external stress.  Most of that stress was from OTHER people’s issues, but it landed in my world.  I could not escape. Can you relate?

So, I found a way to escape to another place where I felt free! Where I felt Joy and where I felt my spirit soar! And that was Dancing! I knew that if a positive person like myself could have some bad days (and yes, some bad weeks and months!)… many others experience this too.

Dancing changes our mindset because it takes our bodies away from our busy minds where we can feel free and youthful once again! 

Bringing Joy to Others!

My passion is teaching Yoga to people who have movement limitations, have had injuries and perhaps are in recuperation, and those who have age-related degeneration and pain in their bodies. Many of my classes have people over the age of 50 that probably danced in their younger years. And I bet they thought their dancing days were behind them! So, I decided to bring in some songs from “back then” and create some Chair Yoga movement patterns to go along with the music. It was a hit from day one! My Chair Yoga classes grew in size and I had people of ALL ages coming to my classes. I knew I was onto something.

The songs I choose have inspirational lyrics, or are just fun and familiar. I try to represent all different genres in my Chair Yoga Dances… from the 60’s and 70’s era (Baby Boomer music because I am a Baby Boomer!) to Country, Jazz, Big Band, Reggae, Pop and current music of today.

All-Dancing Chair Yoga Classes are a Great Workout!

After a year or so of weaving in a Chair Yoga Dance or two into my regular Yoga classes, I decided to experiment with an All-Dancing Chair Yoga Class. Working with the specific population that I am in, I was a bit apprehensive whether they would like a class with all Dances. And more importantly, could they do it? My concerns disappeared during that first class. It was a home run!

Enjoy My Chair Yoga Dances with NO ads!

I have compiled a large and growing library of Chair Yoga Dances and Classes, and I keep creating more because we all need a bit more JOY in our lives!

Sharing my dances on YouTube has allowed me to reach people from around the world with my fun-filled Chair Yoga Dances filmed in a live studio setting with REAL people! For years, YouTubers have complained that the commercials and ads are disruptive to the flow and I get it. But music royalties were a roadblock to removing ads. After all, the musicians should be paid for their talents! YouTube managed all of that.

Fortunately, the music industry has now created a music broadcast license that allows me to pay the royalties. Thus, I can offer my Dances and Classes free from any commercial ads on YogaVista.TV.  Your small subscription fee helps me pay for those music royalties so you can Dance uninterrupted!

Join me and Let’s Dance Together!

Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

CEO of YogaJP and Founder of Yoga Vista