Sherry Zak Morris

A Visionary in Aging Well with Yoga!

Founded in 2003, Sherry’s video production company YogaJP, brought Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga into the mainstream of the Yoga world. Her Yoga Videos serve the Boomers and Seniors with Yoga that is accessible and designed especially for their health needs. Her YogaVista.TV streaming video channel is a wealth of practical, educational and inspirational material from the “working lab” of her live Yoga teaching classes.

Have FUN Exercising with Chair Yoga Dances!

Chair Yoga Dances are a fun, creative, safe and effective way to get moving!  The Dances are set to popular music that have a positive theme to infuse good energy into your being! Great for people of all ages and abilities!

Chair Yoga Dances Available on YouTube

Enjoy a small collection of Chair Yoga Dances on YouTube that rotate in and out. But, yes, there are commercial ads!

100’s of Chair Yoga Dances & All-Dancing Classes

Enjoy the full and growing Library of Chair Yoga Dances with no Commercial ads exclusively on YogaVista.TV

FREE Chair Yoga Dance Class with Sherry Zak Morris

FREE Yoga Series on YouTube to Get You Moving!

Subscribe to the SherryZakMorrisYoga YouTube Channel for a wide variety of FREE Yoga Video series! Ranging from Novice to Intermediate Levels, these classes will get you moving and feeling better!

7-Day Beginner Challenge – Chair Yoga

Commit to 7 Days of Chair Yoga with me and I KNOW you will feel better, stronger and more flexible!

Beginner – Standing Series (with Chair)

Get stronger Bones with this Standing Series that uses a Chair for balance and support.

Novice to Beginner – Chair Yoga

If you have been out of shape for awhile, this Series is for you! Includes Seated and Standing sequences.

Beginner to Intermediate – Standing Workouts

Have you lost muscle mass and strength in your Legs? Try these 7 Workouts to help get your legs strong again!

Intermediate – Standing Series

Four 20-minute practices that focus on strength, balance, flexibility and posture.

Beginner to Intermediate – Standing Flows

Get More Flexible and Gain More Energy! Standing Series for those who feel stiff, achey and tired.

Come Study with Me! Online Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Learn how to bring safe and accessible Yoga classes to your community! Ideal for Yoga Teachers or Healthcare professionals that work with people with movement limitations, physical challenges and/or age-related degeneration .


Serving Others is our Mission

We are here to serve people with chronic illnesses, disabilities and age-related physical degeneration with Yoga classes that are accessible, pertinent, educational and FUN! We are a Community of Teachers who are here to help people keep moving and feeling better!

Founded by two Certified Yoga Therapists, Sherry Zak Morris and Justine Shelton, our programs provide you with knowledge, skills and confidence to teach Yoga to vulnerable populations.

1,000+ Trained Teachers

Our Teachers are highly-trained and certified in their Specialty areas

40+ Online Courses

Certification Programs, Workshops and Continuing Education Hours

Specialties & Expertise

Our Instructors are Experts in the fields of Yoga Therapeutics and Movement Modalities