We all love modern conveniences because they make our lives easier and hopefully better.  Here is a modern convenience that you may not need if you keep up your Yoga practice.
The muscles that get you in and out of your favorite chair are your “muscles of independence“… i.e. those strong thighs, hip flexors and gluteus muscles! Yep, they are the ones in the anatomical pic below!
Power On!

Blast Off for Strong and Powerful Legs 
A Chair Yoga Sequence with Sherry Zak Morris

Want a quick, effective and doable way to strengthen your legs so that you can easily get up and down out of a chair, sofa.. or yes, even the toilet?  Then try this short but powerful Chair Yoga sequence.  Remember to pace yourself and pretty soon you will be able to do it to the end and Blast Off with us!
To view the full 1-Hr Energizing Chair Yoga class, visit http://www.YogaJPTV.com