Birthday Reflections on turning 63

Today is my 63rd Birthday. Not a milestone of any sort .. bit it still makes me pause and reflect. Back when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I’d be thinking 63 was so close to official “retirement” when I could sit around and do nothing all day long!

But reality is that life is more vibrant, exciting and endlessly stimulating at 63 then I could ever imagine. I think the reason is because I’m doing something I absolutely love. Combining my love of Yoga with my high tech skills is what created the Yoga Vista Academy and YogaJP.TV. Nothing in the wildest dreams of my former 20-something year old self could have ever imagined my life now.

And, when I see the smiling faces of the teachers who submit their certification Teachback classes, I see they too have that spark of vibrancy for life and their work as Yoga Teachers. And I bet their former 20-year old selves never imagined that either!

At the core of each and everyone of us is a bright light of hope, love, compassion and creativity. Teaching Yoga allows that bright light to shine onto others. May our lights shine bright for all our years ahead!