Yes, I KNOW I do alot of Yoga in a chair!

It’s the “Prop” I use most often to teach and educate because it is accessible to almost everyone. No matter if you can stand or not, if you can sit with or without support, or if you can run circles around a chair…. the most important thing I am sharing is creative and different ways to move. And why is that so important?

It’s about Varying the Vectors!

This week, I attended at two-day Anatomy workshop with Tom Meyers (author of Anatomy Trains). For two days, I was a student! Taking notes, learning new things and absorbing and assimilating what I heard so that I can bring new ideas to you to help you feel healthy, strong and pain-free!

Tom’s teachings continually reinforce the need for our bodies to move in different and variable ways. This keeps our minds and bodies healthy because we are challenging ourselves… and that’s healthy stimulation!

So, get off the gym machines, stop doing the same 20-something Yoga poses, or the same Yoga video and explore moving in different directions. That is why they call it “vector variation”. Change the angles of your movements and see how your mind and body respond.

Tune In! Listen Inward! And Move the way your Body is wanting to move!


Don’t know exactly How to Move or Stretch to Vary the Vectors? Here’s A Guideline for Life

If you are asking yourself how often you should stretch, here’s a simple answer. And if you are not quite sure HOW to stretch, I give a few easy pointers. Listen up and follow this simple guideline for life.