I understand why some people don’t like to move and exercise. It gets you all hot and bothered! The huffing of your breath and the raised temperature in the body can make you feel….. what is the right term??? We can say those feelings make us “hot and bothered” or perhaps maybe “exhilarated!”

Just like pain is defined so differently from one person to the next, the feeling of physical exertion can be too.

I heard a great guideline from a cardiac doctor when asked how much should we exercise? He said “move until you have a few beads of sweat on your chest.” I thought … Brilliant and easy to understand! No need to take your pulse or whip out your fitbit. Your body will tell you when you reached the point of healthy physical exertion. This amount of exertion is great for heart and lung health, and brings you vitality.

Now, I DO want to add in one more guideline. If you sprinkle in some fun and joy with your beads of sweat… then the benefit is 3-fold. A Body, Mind and Spirit health boost!


“Can’t Stop this Feeling in my Body” Chair Yoga Dance with Sherry Zak Morris

This is how we started out our week .. dancing together! This Song is from “The Trolls” movie and it will get you moving, swaying, and smiling. Warning.. it is a lively song! Get ready and feel the beads of sweat along with your smiles!

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