Old injuries, gravity and Osteoarthritis come together as a three-some. And the longer we live on the planet, the more this three-some can wreak havoc and cause us pain and discomfort.

I wish I knew what I know now about healing from injuries….that is takes time and dedicated effort. But back when we were younger, more agile, more willing to jump over tall buildings with a single bound…. we might have fallen, gotten back up and continued on. But, those old injuries come back to remind us that they are there deep in our structure. If the injury happened in a joint or bone, then Osteoarthritis can set in. And if the healing wasn’t quite right, yep… you guessed it, the old injured area might flare up now and then.

I feel for former athletes who had injuries, for those who served in the military with their heroic backbreaking efforts, for the people who have had car, bike, skiing or other accidents and for anyone carrying a reminder of some past injury in their body. Because I am in this group. And that’s why I do Yoga.

Here’s my story and what I learned about old injuries.

We many never heal 100%, but we can move in the direction of positive change as my fellow Yoga Teacher partner, Justine Shelton, always reminds us! So, take the time to feel, understand, nurture and strengthen your structure so you can feel better!

Here’s to getting older and wiser together!