“I have bad posture!”  I love hearing these words from my friends and students.  Know why?  Because they KNOW, acknowledge and feel this truth in their being! That acknowledgement is the very first step at being able to make those subtle changes that will eventually improve their posture. And whenever we conscientiously improve our posture… we feel better, have more physical function and less pain!

Game on!

I did a posture assessment for a good friend yesterday where I took a photo of her standing (front, back and both side views). Then I showed her the photos and pointed out where her posture had gone awry.   She is a seamstress and painter and yes… her shoulders are rounded over and her head is jutted forward and she is only in her late 50’s.  But most importantly for her, she is training for a triathlon and has discovered her swimstroke is inefficient because of her posture and restricted shoulder movements. She was desperate for help so I gave her some specific Yoga moves (we call them Yoga snacks!

Here are 3 different shoulder stretches that help with shoulder mobility and postural alignment!  These can be done lying on the floor or just sitting in your chair!