Whenever I am asked to speak about the benefits of Yoga for people over 50… I’m all in! I’ve spoken to people in church halls, conference rooms, parking lots, health fairs, hospitals, corporations and lots of places around my community.

I often have people in the group that have never done Yoga before, so I have to be creative and meet them where they are at in their minds and in their bodies. One topic I find that really gets people’s curiosity up is …. What, if anything, can be done about aging, aches and pains?

I created a Community Workshop called “3 Things the Body Loses with Age, and how Yoga can Get Them Back!” and I finally had the opportunity to film it this week with support from a local Women’s Group who were new to Yoga. I’m sharing this workshop on YouTube so that more people can benefit from this information! Click on the image below to view this one-hour informational workshop which includes a 20 minute Energizing Chair Yoga Class and a lively dance!

My hope is that you learn something you didn’t know AND that you send the video link to a friend who needs to know these things too! (It’s all encouraging stuff!)

Thanks for Caring and Sharing!

PS – Want a copy of the hand-out? Send me an email request. http://www.yogajp.com/contact

“We watched your video about the three things the body loses with age. It was great. We just want you know how much we appreciate what you do – and how you do it. We love you style and approach, and we are finding it very beneficial for our over-sixty bodies.  With gratitude from Australia