I love it when people send me news articles, video links or share an interesting tidbit about health, wellness, exercise, and especially anything about Yoga and Aging. Those are the topics that spark my interest because I am keen to understand how we can have vibrant energy all through our life and into our elder years. I KNOW it is doable because I have seen it in many of my peers and in my parents. I think we all can agree that when we have energy…. life is limitless. Energy gives us that oomph every morning to get out and bed and look forward to a new day.

A recent article that one of my Chair Yoga Teacher Graduates shared with me was entitled “Balance, Coordination May Be Linked to Brainpower” offered by the Massachusetts General Hospital. Balance is surely on the minds of many of us as we get older because it is one of the first things we notice diminishing. But, the correlation of balance and brain function was intriguing. Here is the gist of it….

Maintaining balance and following through with smooth physical movement is a dynamic process that involves perceiving changes in the environment and initiating innumerable unconscious movements and shifts of position and posture to react to these changes.

However, as with many other mental abilities, these brain functions can deteriorate with age and physical inactivity, contributing to not only cognitive decline, but also a great risk of falls. Fortunately, research suggests that both balance and coordination can improve with practice!

Did you catch that important word….. “PRACTICE!” That is what we do in our Yoga classes with you! We practice to prepare us for the real world situations we will find ourselves in.

Keep Practicing!

Balance and Coordination equal Brain Power
with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

Try these fun balancing sequences a few times a week. Hold on to a chair and maybe even do them with your eyes closed a time or two. Go slow at first as your body and brain begin to move in unison. You will get better and better at balance and you’ll feel your confidence rising every day!

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