I am studying yoga with Cyndi S. At yoga devotion.  I was diagnosed with COPD about 15 years ago, after yoga devotion my COPD has improved because of breathing focus, and gaining strength in my lungs. When I had my last function tests, they came back much improved.  The tech who was giving the test kept saying.(wow!,) why is this so much better? I smiled and said (yoga devotion). I feel much better.  Janelle – Roseville, Minnesota, USA

I am a Grandma living in a low-income seniors apartment.Until recently, a local yoga instructor volunteered one class  month here. She was extremely popular. She has since moved on, and we have been looking for a replacement. As you can guess, they’re not easy to find. After viewing videos on you tube, we decided to purchase some of your videos, even though, as you know, the money exchange rate was brutal. Since then we have been gathering in the common area twice weekly to follow you by video. It sure would be nice to have some new material .I am entering your draw for the twenty or so grandmas who live here and love yoga. Ruth – Alberta, Canada

For this grandma, yoga is like the “little black dress” of exercise.  It always works for me.  Every. Single. Time. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. If I want stretchy, and slow – yoga fits!  If I want some cardio, I can do a few sun salutations and increase the pace, and voila – I’m there!  I can tailor my practice whether I’m in a class, working with a video, or in my own creative yoga time to match my needs.  The varieties of the practice are endless, yet have an underlying structure of classic poses and practices. In addition, yoga gives me energy when I’m tired, comfort when I’m achy, relaxation when I’m anxious or tense, ease in movement and ease in sitting still!  It helps my breathing, my reactions to life events big and small, my balance, and lifts my spirits. Wow, what a bargain!  Carla – Celina, Ohio, USA

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I’m a grandma & the three big reasons why I do & will continue to practice Yoga are:   1.  After 18.5yrs on Active Duty service some of my joints are worn but with Yoga I’m able to stay fit, my joints are lubricated so I can run around with my sweet little grandson;    2.  It’s another wonderful way to share & spend time with the grand baby, even from a distance. It warms my heart when he asks me show show him another Yoga pose on FaceTime! ; 3. Watching my grandbaby come into Crow pose with such ease & lack of fear help to remind me that we should all strive to keep some of that childlike ease & fearlessness! We could save ourselves lots of heartache 😉 I’m already a winner because God allowed me to be a grandma!!  Yvette – Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA

My ‘Grandma’ will have to be my Mum and my ‘Grandma’ students.  As my Mum lives an airflight away we don’t get to do too much chair yoga together so this DVD would be SO handy for her to have to play at home on the other 340 days of the year that I’m not around.  My chair yoga students have told me that they love the peace that they feel right from our first breath in centering to our last at the end of the savasana.  And they say their bodies definitely feel loser.  Louise – Republic of Ireland

I love your videos and I have been practicing yoga and pilates for 15 years now .. Before it got so popular. I am certified in Kids Yoga, and Yoga Fit -level 1 and 2, and medical yoga for treating pain and chronic disease issues. I am also a Pediatric Physical Therapist and have been practicing for 34 years. I incorporate yoga in my therapy as well as in daily life and “teach” a few classes with just friends on a weekly basis. I do feel as if it changed my energy level and strength to be able to handle kids, wheelchairs and getting up and down from the floor a million times a day. I know it has kept my joints and core strong and sad to say that I am probably addicted to it! I do appreciate your website and insight with elderly people (as I am one!) but I also feel as if yoga has kept my energy level high as well as keeping me feeling younger! Thanks for all your good tips and workouts.  Debbie – Alabama, USA

I am a Grandma who loves Yoga and i have since the 1970’s – when Hatha physical yoga, first made its entrance into the Western world’s consciousness and awareness.. It was at this time , that the average Canadian and American people of both genders discovered Yoga’s uplifting and rejuvenation qualities – that can sustain longevity and health to the mind, body and spirit.Yoga is an exercise that can be done alone or with a group, only requiring a small space for each individual , while one gains energy through every stretch that the body naturally craves, opening the lungs and relaxing the mind throughout every pose. It’s fun it’s rejuvenating and is very versatile requiring very little time and space in which to enjoy it. It is truly a gift of an exercise which one can continue to enjoy throughout the years and on to retirement. My life has been truly enhanced through the joys of Yoga. Best from Grace inga Sigurdson i love Yoga and truly feel it’s a gift that keeps on giving. The only time i have problems with my health is when i’ve stopped doing Yoga for any period of time.  Grace – Canada

My grandma loves yoga because it helps to keep her moving and more flexible…she loves the socialization of her yoga class…feeling the peace and loving energy every time they gather for their chair assisted yoga.When Grandma is happy…everyone is happy…lol (58 Years Old). Deb – Canada

I must admit that both my grandma’s passed away many years ago and we’re well passed the age of 75. Unfortunately, the would not have experienced yoga. My mom is 77 years old and I have introduced her to yoga. She has a tight shoulder due to too many years of sewing. Yoga helps her with flexibility and strengthening of her shoulder. It also helps her with her balance which was becoming and issue. Hopefully, she will feel for steady and confident walking outside this winter. She claims to have a better sleep since starting yoga and for that reason, she LOVES yoga.  Karen – Canada

I am a happy, happy grandma, but a stiff one! I’d love to learn yoga to help me move better in order to fully enjoy my retirement(yahoo, finally!) AND my new status as grandma ! I have a brachial plexus injury ( a birth injury, so nothing new/acute) that limits my ability to do ” regular” yoga( oh, how I’ve tried over the years) and some knee and hip issues( old age is tough!) but your system might just work for me…I’d love to try it!  Catherine – Los Angeles County, California, USA

I am the grandma and I love yoga. As my granddaughter is only two she cannot email but she does a great downdo; I live in Atlanta Georgia. I have been doing yoga for a long time and at 64 did a 200 hour certification. Just for my own knowledge I did an online senior yoga program before I knew about you. I also did a Kidding around yoga certification to be able to do yoga with my granddaughter at her level.  Her mother is a yogini too. I have also practiced with my older grandchildren who live out of state when they were younger.What I love about yoga is that it keeps me strong, flexible and helps me deal with the aging process. At 71 I still have a rigorous practice but I know yoga will always be available to me if that changes.  Yoga along with meditation has gotten me through a lot of tough times over the years. to be completely unyogic, it is nice to hear the younger people in my classes hope to have as good a practice as I do. Barbara – Atlanta, Georgia