“How long have you been practicing Yoga?” I was recently asked. That was a hard question for me to answer. Reason being is that I have always, always been one who did stretches every night before I went to bed. I found it really helped me to unwind from the day and to sleep well. Hmmmm… is that considered Yoga?

Then I got to thinking about what Yoga literally means. “Union” of mind, body and spirit. It doesn’t mean standing on your head, touching your toes, or sweating in a hot room while moving up and down. It means to be intuned to the inner workings of your “being”. To know when you are anxious, how just a few breaths will help you relax. To know that if your back is sore, you need to rest it. To know if your knee feels “tweaky”, you need to find a position that stabilizes it. All of this knowledge is within each and every one of us. We just need to tune in, and of course listen.

Do you ever feel your knee “going out” when you roll over or change body positions? I do! I have what I call a “tweaky” knee, which to me means it feels unstable sometimes with certain movements. I learned this great tip to help stabilize your knee when you change positions. Give it a try!

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