Tossing and turning during the night?  Getting up every few hours to go to the bathroom? Why is it that sleep seems so elusive after we hit the age of 50 or so? Some say it’s hormones, but my guess is that our busy minds won’t let us rest and our tight muscles won’t let go.  What we long for is that inner deep silence that frees us from thought and activity so we can enjoy 6-9 hours of restful sleep.
I created a Sleep Well Yoga sequence that I do every night, come rain or shine. When my days are long and hectic, when my thoughts are spinning in my brain, and when the only thing I want to do is crash on  my pillow…. I make myself get down on the floor for this short Yoga practice. It has changed the way I sleep, barely getting up in the middle of the night for ANY reason! I have been wanting to video record this sequence for quite some time and today I did it.  I hope it helps you!
What I discovered is that we need a bridge to take us from our day of moving, thinking and doing into our night of peace and quiet. This short sequence is that bridge. We all have different bodies, different levels of “stretchability”, but we all can benefit from taking the time to really be present in our bodies.  At first the movements might seem awkward or even challenging.  Take your time to explore the sensations and welcome the release.
Sweet Dreams!